The Experience

iSingPOP is a primary school singing and recording project that brings together school, church and community by using the entire school to produce its very own pop album.

Typically, it takes four days to learn and record the songs, then a week later the children perform them at a concert held at the local church. This is a fantastic opportunity to celebrate the achievements of the children through a wonderful live performance. There is also an opportunity to purchase a copy of the album.


Days 1-3 Teaching
Spend the week rehearsing with an iSingPop tutor learning catchy pop songs. 3 days of teaching where pupils learn a set of high energy, fun-filled, current sounding pop songs - each one based around a Christian value.


Day 4 - Recording
On day four of the project an iSingPOP sound engineer, will arrive with mobile recording equipment and work with the project leader to record the children’s vocals. This will then be mixed and mastered back at the studio to create your own school album.


Day 5 - Concert
Perform a live concert involving every member of the school to the local community in a church. A professional live production including PA, visuals and all equipment necessary for the concert.


We will leave the school and the church with a copy of their album, alongside the teaching videos so you can keep on singing!

Taster Session

Book a free taster session to find out how the project can benefit your school, community and church.


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